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2020-2021 Player Movement Process
In an effort to control the player movement process the TCYHA Board has developed the following process for player movement.
A Player Movement Advisory Board has been created consisting of the following board members: Coaching Director, Players Director, Division Directors, Vice President and President (Vote only in Tie). The President will chair this advisory board.
Bantam movement must be finalized by second week of September. All other player movement must be completed by second week of October.  The movement process will begin with the highest level team per division and progress downward through each division.
Rules for Movement:
Coaches will choose from the top 4 available Forwards and the top 3 available Defensemen, based on our spring ratings.   The Player Representative will provide this list to their coaches & Division directors. These are the only players available for movement. Each coach at his/her discretion can request through their Division Director to have an available player participate in one practice and or game for evaluation purposes. Coaches are not to have direct contact with the parent(s) or player(s) until the practice and or game. Once the decision is made to move a player(s) the coach is to contact their Division Director and inform him/her of their intent. The Division Director will contact the parent(s) and current coach of the player(s) to facilitate the move.
The Player Movement Advisory Board may request /require the evaluation or re evaluation of a player(s). These requests are made as a result of extenuating circumstances including but not limited to; catastrophic injury, new unrated player(s) or player(s) returning from other programs. The evaluations may be performed by the members of the Player Movement Board, unless the President of the board deems a significant conflict of interest. In this case an impartial outside group (Third Party) will be contracted to perform the evaluation. In either case these ratings are final and beyond reproach.