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8U Jr Hawks Mite Program

Ages: 7 and 8 by the end of 2019 (Birth Years 2011-2012).


Teams will receive at least 36 practices held primarily at the Wallace Civic Center and will play games in the Valley Hockey League half-ice league.

The Valley League half-ice programs offers our teams the ability to play competetive games with a wide variety of local teams with paritied division that go up to the AAA/elite level to ensure each team has the best enviornement for player development at the 8U age level.

Games will have referees, score keepers, and standings plus end of year playoffs.  

We will hold player evaluations and team selctions in Mid-August prior to our season starting in late August, and games start in mid-September.

Each player will receive a game jersey and game socks as a part of their tuition fee.

All coaches will be USAH certified along with student coach referees.