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Twin City Youth Hockey Association
Learn to Skate (LTS) | Learn to Hockey (LTH)

The Twin City Youth Hockey Association will be holding Learn to Skate and Learn to Hockey lessons, including professional instruction, at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg.

Learn to Skate (LTS)  (Saturdays at 11:30)
Recommended for skaters ages 4 and up. It emphasizes skating techniques in a fun environment designed for those who have never skated or those who want to improve their hockey or figure skating. Participants will be evaluated and advanced only after meeting specific skating skill standards.
All skaters are required to provide the following equipment:
·        Skates
·        HECC-approved Helmet
·        Elbow pads
·        Shin guards (please wear under clothing)
·        Mittens, gloves, or hockey gloves
Session 1 is at 11:30am from Jan 9, 2021 through Feb 13, 2021

Learn to Hockey (LTH)
Incorporates both advanced hockey skating and hockey playing skills and is intended for those interested in participating in team play. Players must have some skating proficiency prior to being considered for Learn to Hockey. All new participants will be enrolled in Learn to Skate until proof of skating mastery is demonstrated.
All skaters are required to provide the following equipment:
·        Hockey Skates
·        Ice hockey gloves
·        Stick cut to length and taped
·        Elbow pads
·        Hockey socks and sock garter
·        Shoulder pads
·        Shin guards & straps
·        Athletic cup
·        Hockey pants with either belt or suspenders
·        HECC-approved hockey helmet and face cage

Day & Time
Saturday's at 11:30am

To Register
Please visit the home page and click “Register Online” in the left toolbar.  Starting this year registration will be through a single LTS/LTH development program.  There will not be separate registrations.

Please direct all questions to .