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                                    Learn to Skate like A Real Pro
                                  with Twin City Youth Hockey &
                                 John Dillon, Professional Skating Instructor

Twin City Youth Hockey Association is proud to announce John Dillon as the new On-Ice Director of our Learn to Skate/Hockey Development program. John's figure skating and hockey background make him uniquely suited to be the On-Ice Director of our program. A former assistant coach for the women’s ice hockey team at Holy Cross, John has over fifteen years’ experience teaching skating and has been running his highly acclaimed skating and hockey school for nine years. Among John’s most notable achievements are placing 4th Nationally, 4th at Easterns and being named the New England Regional Champion in his respective category as a competitive figure skater. John works with youth, Division 1 college, professional and NHL players and power skating coaches.

Learn to Skate enrollment is limited to 72 skaters; Hockey Development to 36 players. Players wishing to enroll in HD must be accepted into the program by John Dillon, based on individual skills. LTS/HD players must be at least 4 years old to participate.

All fees include USA Hockey membership and a Twin City hockey practice jersey. Specific program details are listed below. Learn to skate the right way from the start because, “Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent!”

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate emphasizes skating techniques in a fun environment designed for those who have never skated or those who want to improve their hockey or figure skating. Participants will be evaluated and advanced only after meeting specific skating skill standards. All participants new to TCYHA will be enrolled in LTS until proof of skating mastery is demonstrated.

Skaters are required to provide the following:

Skates Shin guards (please wear under clothing)
HECC-approved hockey helmet and face cage*
Mittens, gloves, or hockey gloves
Elbow pads

TCYHA provides each participant with a practice jersey to keep and recommends that skaters dress warmly.

Hockey Development

Hockey Development incorporates both advanced hockey skating and hockey playing skills and is intended for those interested in participating in team play. Players must have satisfied the requirements of LTS prior to being considered for Hockey Development.

Players are required to provide the following:

Hockey Skates
Shoulder pads
Hockey gloves
Shin guards & straps
Stick cut to length and taped
Athletic cup
Elbow pads
Hockey pants with either belt or suspenders
Hockey socks and sock garter
HECC-approved hockey helmet and face cage*

TCYHA provides each participant with a practice jersey to keep

For a more Details please download the Learn to Skate - Hockey Development 2006-2007.pdf