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Learn to Skate Session 2 - Welcome Information
by posted 01/06/2022

Good evening Learn to Skate Families

Thank you for registering your child for our Learn to Skate program.  We are excited to begin our next session which will run from Jan 8 – Feb 12th from 12pm – 12:50pm.

Here are a few guidelines we would like to ask you to review:

  • Masks are required to enter the rink (for everyone)
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to allow for check in and preparing your child with his/her skates and equipment.  The Instructors will call the skaters on at 12pm
  • Skate rentals are available – Sizes are limited and available on a first come/first serve basis.  Should you need to rent skates, please be sure to come early so we can service you at the skate rental counter
  • All families are limited to ONE adult assisting their child to tie skates by the ice (it is possible to dress outside or at home and wear guards on the skate blades if you prefer to avoid any crowd during this process.
  • We ask that once your child is on the ice, please then proceed to the stands or in the upper foyer area to observe.  There is no observaton area in the lower level by the ice or on the player benches & penalty boxes.  We need to ensure that anyone on the ice has been given the proper clearance and certified to do so. 
  • Any outstanding payment is to be made on Saturday
  • Should anyone be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or become exposed to a positive person, or become positive – please be aware that we adhere to a 10 day quarantine for unvaccinated positive people and 5 days for vaccinated positive and either way, show no symptoms upon returning to the rink.  Please use your best judgment and keep your child home if he/she is sick so not to expose anyone to any illness
  • Instructors are limited to assist young children.  There will be pushers available and as always, our goal is to not rely on the pushers as the program progresses.
  • All skaters are required to provide the following equipment:
    • Skates
    • HECC-approved Helmet
    • Mittens, gloves or hockey gloves
    • Elbow pads (optional)
    • Shin guards (optional & if worn, must be worn under clothing)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on these points – we would like to keep everyone as distanced and safe as we can as we manage the space available to us during this difficult time dealing with COVID-19.  Should you have any questions, please reach out to

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